Music For Tinies

Music For Tinies

This program aims to enhance parent and children’s appreciation of music, develop a wider repertoire of songs, and learn some new games for at home and in the car and build on the relationship between carer and child in a fun and positive way.

When a parent actively encourages their child during the session, the effect is far greater.

  • Help your child with the actionscolourful child's glockenspiel with two wooden mallets, playing
  • Help them to listen to others
  • Give lots of praise
  • The children will participate even more when their grown-up is involved

Music is used therapeutically for people of all ages and is used to aid communication, speech and cognitive development.

Each music session is planned to incorporate learning opportunities for development of young people. This is a parent/child participation program.  You are welcome to join the Music for Tinies at any time during the term.

Wednesday: 10.00am –  11.00am
Term 1: 31 January – 28 March

Cost: $ 85 per family

Term 2: 18 April – 27 June

Cost: $90 per  family